Create one
unified inventory

Capture lost sales on your E-Commerce channels or in your stores by digitally having all size and product ranges complete. This results in a large increase in the conversions. Filters and settings define the assortment you offer on which digital sales channels and in which region. A dynamic safety-margin based on the turn-over rate removes the risk of overselling when multiple sales channels are connected to the same virtual assortment.


AI Driven Order

The digital orders are distributed over all stock locations through a wide range of business-rules. This lowers the operational expenses by utilizing your existing resources. For instance, by using down-time staff hours at the stores. But also by selecting the ideal stock location based on the local demand. And by prioritizing broken size-ranges, misplaced returns, shipping costs, and delivery time-frames.


made easy

For Retailers a large part of the success is utilizing their store network. Stores are always located close to the consumers compared to warehouses which are located at cost-efficient locations. This makes the stores the ideal candidate for fast and cost efficient deliveries. Retail Unity offers a wide range of ready to implement ship-from-store workflows. These workflows are suitable for small boutique stores up to large multi-floor department stores.


return handling

Returns are inevitable and will never fully disappear. With this in mind Retail Unity states that Retailers should embrace returns and start to consider the returns as ‘free replenishment’. The Retail Unity platform is able to select the ideal return location for any product based on traditional Retail replenishment rules. Start completing broken size-ranges by sending returns directly to the stores instead of always sending returns to the distribution centre.


Detailed view on
the local demand

The Retail Unity platform utilizes big-data analysis to calculate an accurate figure on the local demand for your products. Within this process the system not only focuses on the local demand for specific barcodes / SKU’s, but also on the turnover rate of product attributes. This way the system is far better equipped to make a prognosis on future demands based on past sales results. Various dashboards are utilized by the buying and merchandise departments.

Retail Unity listed TOP-10 in EUROPE by Retail CIO Outlook

The retail sector has always been competing with the e-commerce industry. In doing so, retailers often end up adopting strategies from the e-commerce pure-players to facilitate their own e-commerce channels. But the pure-player tactics do not align with the traditional retail operations resulting in increased operational expenses (OPEX) and the involvement of additional resources...



Franchise / multi-carrier

Jeans Centre

Fashion Retail with 100+ stores / longtail strategy

XXL Sport & Villmark

Multi-language / multi-currency / cross-border

Nikkie Fashion

High fashion / boutique stores / peak traffic

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