Key features


For large Retailers that cover a large geographical area with one or a few warehouses the industry standard of next-day delivery is already a very big challenge. The upcoming trend of same-day delivery is even harder, if not impossible with the current operational setup. The main DC is often located at a low-cost location. Centralised but far away from key cities.

Utilizing Ship-from-store strategies in key commercial areas is a real differentiator. The store is an ideal service location for consumers in a key city.

But there is also a risk involved if not done right. A low density of stores in high demand regions creates a risk of cannibalising the store if you don’t utilize the correct distribution rules.

Other key features

Same-Day Delivery

How Retail Unity simplifies the process of offering same-day delivery.

Digital exchanges

How Retail Unity lowers cash-refunds with 14% in the stores and 3% online.


How Retail Unity optimizes your stock accuracy during the season.

Free Replenishment

How Retail Unity gets more value from your existing logistics operations.

Endless aisle

How Retail Unity increases your online conversion with up to 70% overnight.

Handling returns

How Retail Unity simplifies return handling  at stores and the DC's.


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The platform supports a wide range of Retail operating models. We will inform you with detailed case descriptions within your branche and business model.