We deliver a turnkey business case within a month

Our Proof-of-Concept will show you exactly what Results to expect.

Let us proof what the Retail Unity Ship-from-Store Platform will do for your Retail Group. We will run up to one year of your data through our Platform. The extensive algorithms will show you exactly how the Platform influences your turnover rate, conversion increase, replenishment costs and lost sales.

We deliver a turnkey business case within a month!


During an initial meeting we show you in detail what our Order Management Platform does for a Retailer and why the effects are so beneficial for Retailers with E-Commerce channels.


We will analyse a year of your data through our Order Management Platform. This is done by replaying an entire year as if the solution was already in place.


We will present you a Turnkey Ship-from-Store Business Case for a ship-from-store strategy with our Order Management Platform. You will know exactly what to expect.

Want to know what to expect?