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Whether you want to implement, sell, or service the Retail Unity platform. There is no better time to become a Retail Unity partner. The demand for Distributed Order Management solutions is reaching its peak. The market is yet to be defined as independent research shows that more than 55% of all Retailers have Ship-from-Store at the top of the agenda for the upcoming years. The Retail Unity platform is built to scale and meet this demand.

As we work from multiple offices around the globe we have a clear onboarding protocol in which we make sure that the services you provide are shared across all development teams and system architects. These teams individually decide on when to expand their operations across new teams within their own P&L.

If of interest we kindly ask you to review the form on this page. Your filing is directly forwarded to the different team members across the globe that are responsible for onboarding new development partners

Implementation operations

In most cases the implementation of our platform is managed by the Retail Unity onboarding teams. The onboarding teams scope the requirements, configurations and mapping operations. These are clearly defined and planned in our Atlassian environment (Jira and Confluence).

Many of the implementation developments are then performed by a select group of Implementation Partners that can count on a continuous flow of work in a long-term relationship. Preferably we work with partners that can at least provide 3 full-time developers to start with.

The onboarding process

Thank you in advance for the time spend on filing the form. We look forward to the next steps and a long-term relationship to join forces in implementing the Retail Unity platform at our clients.


Please file the form found on this page with a clear description per skill / specialty. Its the details that make the difference. Our Core development team and architects will review your input and give it the time it deserves.


After a positive review by our teams we will ask you to state your ideas and solution for a typical challenge found in our day-to-day activities. Your input to this challenge is again reviewed by our Solution Architects and Director Developments.


After the second positive review we plan a digital meeting with senior Management to review the terms of working together.


We are now ready to work on our first projects and look forward to seeing you in our daily stand-ups and sprint meetings!

The reward for your time and effort

We value our relationships and invest in them. Soon after the first successful projects we commit to long-term agreements that offer you certainty for six months or more. We work with external teams as we work with our own, through a flat organizational structure with room for ideas and new concepts.

The head office in Rotterdam

We have our Head Office in Rotterdam, right at the edge of City centre. Step out of our door and you're in the middle of the Heemraadssingel Park. And with all means of public transportation close by you're just one stop away from all the shops, bars and restaurants.

Service International Clients from our Bangkok office

Located at the Taksin Bridge 50 meters from the Saphan Taksin Skytrain station. Also the port location from which you can take the boat on the Menam river to the Riverside hotels and the Icon Siam mall.

Work side-by-side with our experienced teams in Kiev

Work with the latest features in Cloud Hosting, Enterprise Security and state-of-the-art technologies.

Service Clients in the Americas from our NY office

Work with the biggest names in the AMER region.

Our Dubai office is located in the Dubai Silicon Oasis

Work with the largest names in the MENA area. Top-end high fashion, The largest shoe-store in the world and one of the top Healthcare players in this region.