High volume omnichannel packing station


The Retail Unity packing station solution makes batch order picking easy and is perfectly suited for order packaging in DCs and large (department) stores. The visual user interface makes it easy to gather and distribute the products over warehouse boxes at the packing station. It also provides the staff with an extra visual check on the content of the packages.

The Retail Unity packing station solution differentiates between:

  • Single-order batches (batches with single item orders)
  • multi-order batches (batches with multi-item orders)
  • (so called) combi-order batches.

Combi-order batches are a unique feature with the ability to combine picking-lists from different stock locations at the packing station. Through this feature, Retailers are able to fulfil orders from a combination of dedicated E-Commerce stock and the stock that is reserved for inventory replenishment. This means there is no need to physically combine stock or alter the traditional Retail workflows to adopt an omnichannel strategy.


The same feature is used for ‘zone picking‘ at large department or DIY stores. The different departments can use handheld devices to gather the products (for instance using the in-store orderpicking solution from Retail Unity on tablets). These products are later combined per order at the packing station. This way the store’s employees will not have to go through the entire store per batch to collect the orders. Using this feature means that the different departments can also determine for themselves what the ideal time for orderpicking is.

At the warehouse every second counts. Optimise with an omnichannel packing station.

Compatibility with ERP and WMS systems.
Supports a wide range in hardware from all price classes

The solution can be completely self sufficient but is also built to be compatible with existing WMS and ERP systems. The APIs and wide range of import and export capabilities makes it possible to exchange picking routes and statusses. Also any type of laser or label printer, and any type of barcode scanner is supported. At the distribution centre the solution is also compatible with industry standard handheld terminals.

Visual directions during picking.

There will be less chances for mistakes and a much faster workflow compared to the traditional packing station solutions. The visual user-interface is carefully thought-out with the help of our warehousing experts. Everything is built to minimise the use of the keyboard and mouse. During regular operations a single barcode scanner is all that is needed.

Invoices, labels and packing slips.

The right communication to the consumer is key when partial shippings is a possibility (orders shipped in separate packages). The packing station software offers variable document templates that will show the consumer which products can be found in the package, and which are shipped separately. This solution also makes drop-shipments easy. Using the document templates, the solution can print any type of 3rd party invoice, packing slip, or label. As a retailer you can focus on getting traffic to your products on any digital sales channel. Let the Retail Unity software handle the hassle.

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