Leading retailers grow with retail unity


Single stock base for all channels

Smart distribution algorithms

Better insights in your local demand

Micromanage any orderflow based on traditional Retail business rules 

Business rules that seem plain logic when looking at a single orderline. But in mass operations it is impossible for Retailers to continuously consider all aspects of an order. Within the Retail Unity platform hundreds of considerations are automatically made and executed through Machine Learning.


All-in-one omnichannel software for retail

Better Return Handling

Returns are inevitable. With this in mind Retailers need to embrace returns. Consider returns as ‘free replenishment’. The Retail Unity platform selects the ideal return location based on traditional Retail replenishment rules.


A ship-from-store strategy is far more cost-effective in reducing the workload at the warehouse. Avoid the need to invest more capital in DCs. Leverage your existing Retail stores by turning them into virtual DCs using a ship-from-store strategy.

Digital Exchanges

Handle returns including the A/B quality check through simplified wizards. The Retail Unity platform minimizes cash-refunds on returns in your stores by digitally exchanging products for new orders. Turn customer support into a direct sales opportunity.

Mini cycle-counts

In some cases during the in-store picking process the item is reported as a ‘miss-pick’. The solution turns this in a benefit in which the stores run mini-cycle-counts once a week. This optimizes the local assortment during the season.

Free Replenishments

With ship-from-store in combination with Click-and-Collect it is inevitable that parcels will go from one store to another. The Retail Unity platform calculates which items quality for replenishment and adds the items to the existing shipment.

The ultimate Endless Aisle

More width and depth in the inventory results in a higher conversion. Retail Unity bundles all inventory locations into one virtual inventory. Size and product ranges are always complete. A dynamic safety margin removes the risk of overselling.

Case study

“The outcome for us meant that we now experience 17% less cash refunds by digitally exchanging the products for alternatives.”

– Mark Roex, E-commerce Business Development ManagerJOG Group (Jeans Centre, Outlets, Garcia)

100+ stores      30+ outlets      2.500+ points of sale


A minimal strain on your IT landscape

Through versatile APIs and mapping services the software is able to utilise your existing data flows and data formats. The solution also takes into account the interval of the existing data exchanges. So your IT landscape does not have to be real-time to still experience the benefits from the Omnichannel Suite. Since the software mimics the existing data formats you will keep the strain on your IT department and 3rd party suppliers to a minimum during the OMS implementation.


Take a guided tour around our platform and we will show you the benefits and solutions at the different departments.


30 - 60 MINUTES

This is the amount of time it takes for you to discover how our platform supports your business.


The platform supports a wide range of Retail operating models. We will inform you with detailed case descriptions within your branche and business model.